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Our motto is to provide the most simplified analytical solutions to app developers all across the globe.

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About Appinions:

Appinions is a two-in-one mobile optimization platform. By using this tool, you can manage two different aspects of ASO in one go. The first module of this software is about tracking and boosting app installations. And the second module is about app promotions. According to this, you can promote your brand as per the best marketing tactics.

At Appinions, we are providing services for app developers, mobile marketers, app development businesses, ASO professionals, and digital marketing firms.

Unlike most of the ASO platforms, Appinions not only let your analyze and compare your apps based on app store visibility, but it can also optimize and improve the ranking of apps for top rated keywords.

The data shown in the Appinions platform are 99.9% accurate. Based on a lot of research and analysis these data have been curated from reliable sources.

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Research And Promotion:

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Using the Appinions dashboard, you can add multiple apps of your competitors on the same platform. By grouping multiple apps, you can analyze and get a good overview of the top-performing apps ranking for some selected keywords.

Using Appinions you can optimize your app for the top-performing keywords on the app store. This will help you to improve the visibility of your app and you will get more installations from the user end.

As we have mentioned earlier, our ASO platform works for both optimization and promotion aspects of mobile applications. So, if you guys run a start-up company, which just started out on application development can first use our tracking and optimization module. And, later on, after achieving all the facets of ASO, you can move towards our promotion module, by which, you can market your application according to the best promotional attributes.

Of course, Appinions contains two ASO modules with both features – ASO research and App Promotion. Using its ASO Toolkit, you can analyze, monitor and compare your app with other applications on the app store. And with its promotion module, you can make use of analytics data to promote your app on the app store.

Plans & Payment:

With Appinions, you get a demo trial plan free for 5 days. After 5 days, you can upgrade your subscription with Beginner, Basic , Pro, and Advanced pro plans.

You can click here to select the Pricing plan according to your requirements.

Yes you can try Apppinions’ free demo plan for 5 days, and use its awesome ASO features to improve the app’s visibility in the app store.

With the pro-plan of Appinions, you can make use of all advanced ASO features for app monitoring, competitive research, app metadata, keywords suggestions, keywords stats, application ratings, and reviews, etc. It lets you analyze the data more accurately so that you can optimize your app to enhance its app – store visibility.

You can directly upgrade your current plan from Appinions’ Dashboard page and pay for the new upgraded plan. Or you can go to the pricing page and select the plan best suited for you.

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No, there is no need to share your app store credentials for using Appinions. According to our policy, we never ask for your personal credentials. But you need to share your public profile with Appinions.

You don’t have to panic. From contact us form, you can directly send your message. We will remove your account and send your money back as soon as possible.

Yes, you can terminate the subscription by the following option:

  1. You can click here to read how to cancel the subscription from the Paypal account.
  2. You can click here and tap on the “Unsubscribe” button to terminate your service.

In such a case, please contact us. Our policies are friendly and customer-oriented, and in any of such matters, we will refund the amount and only charge for service used by the client..

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